Videographer based in Grand Rapids and serving all of West Michigan, specializing in professional video
production and event Videography.  Sunrise Video Productions.
About Us
1.  Will the videographer we discuss our wedding with be the same that will record our video?

2.  Are the videos in the sample video collection recorded, edited and encoded by the same videographer who will be
recording my wedding?

3.  Will you take video before, during and after the ceremony?

4.  What type and how many cameras do you use?

5.  Do you bring a backup camera to the wedding in case yours fails?

6.  What is the number of hours you will be available for my wedding?

7.  How many other weddings will you record on my wedding day?

8.  How long after the wedding will my video be ready?

9.  Will you interview guests and family members on video?

10.  Will you be willing to meet us at the location of the wedding?
10 Questions you may want to ask a Videographer
Mission Statement
Customer satisfaction will always be our number one priority and professionally
preserving our client's video in the best possible way accomplishes our mission.

Our knowledge and experience keeps us ahead of our peers and client referrals keep us in
business.  We continue to advance with the latest camera technology and video editing
software but our main priority will always be customer satisfaction.

I've been a videographer since 1998 and I am personally involved and present at every  
event to ensure that it's professionally capturing and edited.

Sunrise Video Productions Grand Rapids, Michigan